...The Solution

SolutionAsk lots of common sense, probing "question generating" questions about the execution eco-system resource needs. In other words, evaluate the eco-system.
Use our services to ask and answer the right, open-minded questions that find execution's distinctive, foundational resources and capabilities needed to design a quality eco-system aligned with strategy or initiative purpose. JLN C&T knows that asking the wrong questions - or not asking any at all - can potentially push your initiative implementation away from designed goals.
Assessing the execution eco-system is the gateway to finding execution and initiative barriers and challenges that can block successful implementation. Questions asked across the organization - JLN C&T believes that the best coaching and learning comes from the people around you, those who know best the company, the business (and its context), the market and the(ir) job to be done - can help uncover, for example, knowledge and insight about invalid assumptions (about, e.g., resource performance), information and experience biases that can misshape both initiative and execution design, the lack of initiative alignment across implementing groups (which impacts choosing the right cross functional resources), and, most importantly, poor resource quality.
Questions, lots of thought provoking, "out of the ordinary" questions need to be asked. By asking capability and asset targeted questions, JLN C&T helps determine eco-system status and the state it needs to be in by identifying what exists, what needs changing and what's missing before execution performance is relied on. These questions develop a set of premises to test against what is known, unknown, thought to be known, should be known as well as intuition and data.
Asking insightful questions - covering the interrelated eco-system parts of customers (asking questions that matter to them, not to your transactions), capabilities and growth management - reveals two things: the right set of capabilities and resources for designing execution - like innovation skills and processes - and initiative deficiencies - like inadequately defined value propositions.
Asking good questions and finding answers to fit your business' purpose and context are vital to prioritizing and creating differentiating execution resources that add to your business' unique competitive position. JLN C&T services help make sure the eco-system is in balance with initiatives so your company can maximize getting the value and growth results you expect.