The Problem...

Conventional wisdom says strategies and initiatives fail to meet defined goals and objectives because of poor execution. Actually, "initiative failure" is only a symptom of the real problem and poor execution is an excuse that masks the real problem.
Strategies and initiatives succeed because of two main, related reasons: First, initiatives and execution are designed to work together and, two, the initiative-execution eco-system adapts to changing conditions during implementation.
This makes the root cause of strategic and initiative failure the lack of eco-system insight and knowledge, which, when obtained, uncover design criteria like...
• Invalid assumptions about, for example:
   - Resource performance - what's missing, what's available
   - The job that's needs to be done to get the right results
   - Customer (unmet) needs and operational impact
   - The existing economy
   - Time allocation
• Decision making "value and information" biases, like:
   - Relying on past success and strengths as the basis for "new" ventures
   - We've got the best people
   - Our processes are agile
   - We've got the right resources
   - Initiative was designed for the resources we have
   - Making - forcing - new initiatives work with resources designed for past initiatives
• Lack of initiative alignment across implementation groups,
• Hidden, distinguishing resources,
• Mis-matched culture factors,
• Resistance to "new" direction and operations causing delayed "action"
• What's changed - e.g. technology and competition
• Enterprise wide surprises
...that can affect initiative performance.
You don't want to miss the obstacles and challenges (Do these sound familiar?) that could...
• Stop or slow the achievement of designed goals and outcomes,
• Waste time and resources,
• Inhibit adding unique value to initiatives,
• Be a factor in missing milestones,
• Adversely affect company brand (inside and out) and market position, and
• Cause unnecessary and frequent redesigns of the initiative itself.
It's the not knowing that's the real obstacle. It's JLN C&T's goal to prevent this.